Preston and District Dyslexia Association.

  • Preston and District Dyslexia Association (PADDA) is a registered UK charity and is also a member of the British Dyslexia Association.

  • PADDA was formed in 1994 to act as a support group for the needs of the people in the Preston area who are disadvantaged by dyslexia.

  • We are constantly seeking to make the Education System more aware of dyslexia and its associated problems.

  • We advise and provide help for dyslexic people, children and their parents through meetings and workshops and also by supplying an information pack for members on joining.

  • We own an increasing library of books, equipment, games and cassettes, which are loaned between meetings.

  • PADDA is funded by membership subscription, fundraising events and undertaking assesments.

HELPLINE: 01772 972444

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